Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Reusable packaging protects our material and the environment

L&S relies on reusable transport packaging. Our complete rental equipment is packaged in so-called “flightcases”. This wooden packaging ensures a safe transport of all goods and helps to reduce the amount of waste. Thanks to the “flightcases”, we need very few disposable packaging such as bubble or transport foil.

Material transport

With its modern fleet, L&S also contributes to sustainability in the field of material transport. Especially our new large trucks offer not only savings potential in terms of consumption and tolls. They also convince with a considerably lower output of emissions.

„Avoiding empty drive“ is our motto. Every saved kilometer protects the environment and delivers financial benefits This is a cost saving which even our costumers profit from.

Waste disposal

Waste prevention is of primary importance at L&S. Nevertheless, when waste is created, we turn our decrease into reusable material. We reach this goal not least by a consequent separation from waste material. Wood and metal from the workshops, cardboard and paper from office and warehouse can even be sold, if cleanly separated, to be completely recycled afterwards. The remaining amount of residual waste is disposed by a specialized company, separated once more and finally returned for proper recycling.

Waste prevention – radio microphones need batteries

Radio microphones use batteries. But not at L&S. We equip our radio microphones with rechargeable batteries. This saves costs and it avoids waste that is only difficult to recycle. In the rare cases where we cannot refrain from the use of batteries, they are subsequently collected and disposed properly.

System construction – recyclable!

In our three business areas event engineering, trade fair construction and stage construction, L&S focuses on system construction. We cannot help it. One-time production for a trade fair or event is largely avoided. Especially in wall construction, we rely on durable elements – not on wood or plastic constructions which have to be disposed after a few usages.

Save energy – even at events and trade fairs

Lighting systems for trade fair stands with several hundred headlights are not uncommon. This requires electricity. We at L&S use energy-saving headlights with HQI lamps. With an application of only 150 watts, the brightness of a conventional 1,000 watt emitter is achieved. As decorative lighting and for setting colored accents, modern LED headlights are very suitable. The rapid development of LED technology will help to save energy even more effectively in future. We already use a variety of LED products at events.


In August 2011, we moved into our new headquarters, with a modern office building, various workshops and a warehouse as well as a logistic hall with a total area of 2,700 m². In close collaboration with the architect, a sustainable and efficient building has emerged that can now grow with our company.

The steel construction with a suspended façade enclosure can be extended without much effort and thus adapts to the needs of our company. We have paid particular attention to energy efficiency. The façade enclosure consists of thermosandwich elements and insulating glass windows with a particularly good thermal insulation value far exceeding the requirements of the EnEV 2009. These good insulating properties of the building envelope prevent a rapid escape of the heat and thus reduce the primary energy demand of the property.

The heating system, which is operated by condensing boiler technology, also has a positive effect on the primary energy requirement. The energy content of the fuel is almost fully exploited. This means not only cost savings of approx. 40 percent, but also a discharge of our environment.

With its spacious roof areas, the building contributes to environmentally friendly electricity generation. On an area of around 350 m², for example, 40,000 to 42,000 kWh of electricity are produced annually by means of a 50kWp strong photovoltaic plant. Other structural measures are presence detectors for the lighting of the workplaces and social areas which ensure that light is lit only there where it is actually required. However, in principle large windows provide plenty of daylight in our rooms. We expect major improvements in terms of energy saving and working conditions through the implementation of truck locks to the latest standards. These allow loading and unloading of the vehicles even in the cold season without great heat loss and the associated permanent reheating.

Our home is not only adapted to our needs, but also to our environment.

Acting sustainably

We keep in mind that conscious and sustainable handling of all kinds of resources not only protects the environment, but that it also saves money. That is why we at L&S believe that the economical handling of raw materials is worthwhile in two respects.